22 August 2012

Life's Game

The channel of life is long and deep
Like the whispering wind, the impatient sea
Timeless as the years go by
Happiness, just a word
Sadness in its many faces
Hate, destruction in people’s minds
One by one, they come, they go
Two-faced as they are
People never learn, never feeling
Wrapped in self, one reflection
Too eager, such a pity
God save this world one more day
They lie, they cheat
Profit, money, greed too
Funny, life’s game.

Circa 1970

07 August 2012

This Day

Laying on my back
In the grass
Gazing at the clouds
As they roll by
What do I seek
As the minutes drift
I look for the memories
That elude this day.

February 2009

30 July 2012

Words of Wisdom

Come hither, come now
Take heed, to words of wisdom
Enjoy your youth, take each day as it falls
Relate to your friends and peers
Place your best foot forward and
See the world for what it is
Save the drama and hysterics
For old age -----
By then, you will have earned it!

October 2005