13 July 2012


Time has passed, like the millennium
Farewells not to be spoken between us
Fifteen plus years, face to face
Just frequent calls

Memories often fade
A little girl remembers
Sunday church, country drives
Trips to the ice cream parlor, days gone by

Baths in a wooden tub
On top of the kitchen table
Watching the cows come down the hill
Spitting watermelon seeds on the grass
Fresh corn right off the cob
Fried with young tomatoes

A journey to Alameda to see my Dad disembark
A young soldier just back from Korea
Reunited with his young family whom you held safe

I still can picture you
Your red can of chewing tobacco
A piece to place inside your mouth
A virtual habit of days past

Hanging on to my comforter and pillow
Stored lovingly among your treasures
Singing the praises of the Lord for his creations
Now you rest in his loving arms
No more pain, no more suffering
Someday we will meet again, and I can say
I love you once, once again

30 January 1996

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